Thursday 24 September 2020

How can I get material

that is not in the Library?

If the Library does not hold a book or journal article you need, we can get these for you from another library or through commercial vendors at no cost to you.

 To use this ‘Interlibrary Loans/Document Delivery service, please complete the Interlibrary Loans/Document Delivery Request Form for every item requested.  Each form should be signed by you and the Head of your Department or Supervisor.

After completing your form, please give it to the staff of the Science and Agriculture Division of the Library on Floor 2.  Items requested may some time to arrive depending on the vendor/library and the item’s availability.

How do I see a list of electronic journals in my area? For pdf file, click here.
How do I access Turnitin?  For pdf file, click here.
How do I configure my computer to connect to the Internet in the Library?

Visit the website of Campus I.T. Services to download your Student Wireless Network Configuration Guide for Windows XP or Windows VISTA.