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Handover of the Ian McDonald Papers to The Alma Jordan Library



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Why donate your Papers to The UWI

When you donate your personal papers to The UWI, The Alma Jordan Library, your family history becomes a part of the national and regional community’s collective memory.

We provide research access to the contents of the papers, both to you and to the scholarly public. In future years, researchers, including students, professors, genealogists, journalist and many others, may find your papers both interesting and of value to their work.


We Treasure Our Collections

The West Indiana & Special Collection Division’s staff carefully preserves collections of written, visual, and audio material created by private citizens both past and present. They ensure that these personal and family papers will be available for research by generations to come. The first priority of the staff is the preservation of historical materials. We store the papers in environmentally controlled, secure rooms and oversee their proper handling and use.


What Makes it a Special Collection

Most repositories accept donations of as little as a single item and as large as dozens of boxes. We are interested in a coherent body of material and can discuss with you the historical value of your papers.

The following is a list of the types of materials that are often valuable to a researcher. This list, which is suggestive and not definitive, illustrates the wide range of documentation often useful for historical and administrative research:


*Memoirs/ Reminiscences                  


*Scrapbooks/ Photo Albums  

*Professional Papers                 

*Genealogical Information *Speeches/ Lectures           

*Business Records *Subject files                     

*Legal documents *Minutes/ Reports               

*Brochures & Flyers *Photographs (labeled)        

*Films/ Videos/ Audio Tapes (labeled)

Also of interest are files relating to your civic, business, religious, political, and social activities. Churches, political organizations, businesses, economic interest groups, community groups, voluntary associations, professional associations, and other collective enterprises all produce records which document their purpose, policies, and activities. An individual or family may hold the records of such a business or organization, and this material, too, may be significant.


We Work With You

The Librarian works with you to determine the historical significance of the material and its appropriateness for our collection. Some material, though, may be of more sentimental than historical value, and should be kept by the individual or family itself.

We evaluate all material offered and ask you to sign a donation agreement before accepting the materials. Once you donate papers, the staff will continue to work with you as you locate or identify other materials to donate.


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