Submit Materials for Course Reserves

A wide range of services are available to members of faculty to support teaching and research.

Course Reserves

The Course Reserve Collection contains both Booklist Items and Temporary Special Reserve Items.  These materials are removed or returned to normal circulation/lecturers at the end of each academic year.


Booklist items are essential texts and highly recommended texts. If members of faculty wish students to have controlled access to these materials, booklists (see Booklist template below) must be submitted to the Alma Jordan Library by

  • March 31st of each year for the following academic year and
  • August 31st for Semester II of the academic year.

These lists should contain full bibliographic information on the essential texts requested. An instructor may choose to allow these materials to circulate for very short periods of time (3 hrs, 1, 3 or 7 days). Please note that booklists must be submitted for new and existing courses every year.

Download Booklist Template | View Booklist FAQs

Temporary Special Reserves

Temporary Special Reserve (TSR) Items are personal copies of lecturers’ books, copies of chapters of books (no more than 10%), photocopies of journal articles and course packs. Instructors can also be provided with hyperlinks to articles contained in the library’s subscribed databases which can then be placed in MyeLearning (Moodle). Please refer to the Electronic Reserves Guidelines for further information. At the end of each course, TSR items are removed from the Course Reserve Collection and returned to lecturers since copyright laws prevent us from keeping them indefinitely.

Download Temporary Special Reserve Request Form With Guidelines