Research and Reference Support Services

Student Orientation

Orientation tours are conducted for new students during the month of September at the beginning of each academic year.

Library Instruction

At the beginning of the academic year, the Library runs a three-week instruction programme which is designed to assist the user in navigating to library resources and services.

Research Consultations

Undergraduates may schedule individual appointments to consult Faculty Liaison Librarian at the start of their research. Librarians provide advice on the range of resources available in a specific disciple or subject area.

Reference Services

Reference services are provided on demand to undergraduates. Faculty Liaison Librarian provide individualized help in locating materials on any given topic. This can be done in person via the phone (Exts. 82132/84030) or email

Bibliographies and References

Faculty Liaison Librarian can also assist students with the citation style for references and bibliographies. In addition, the Library has citation management software (Endnote and MS Word) that can create references and bibliographies.

Web-Based Guides

Web-based guides for all users can be accessed on the Alma Jordan Library's website. These guides cover areas ranging from the different citation styles, listings of newly acquired journals and books in a particular subject area, to how to search online journal databases, etc. These guides can save the researcher's time.