Research Day

23rd Annual Student Research Day

Programme-October 14, 2021


General Health

O01   Impact of COVID-19 on the dating relationships of young adults between the ages of 18-30 years in Trinidad and Tobago
O02   A study on the Knowledge and Perception of Physicians regarding Telemedicine Technology in Trinidad and Tobago
O03  A Study on the Choice of Speciality among Medical Students at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, St. Augustine, UWI, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
O04   Assessment of Knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards prevention of respiratory tract infections among the Trinidadian Population
O05  A study on the knowledge, awareness, perceptions and behaviours of students of the University of The West Indies, (The UWI), St. Augustine, towards climate change and its impact on human health. 
O06  The ability of family physicians in the Caribbean to promote planetary health concepts and the challenges of implementing change in practice



Non Communicable Diseases (1)

007    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Mental Health of Medical Students in Trinidad
O08  The Prevalence of Negative Coping Mechanisms and Its Association with The Health-Related Quality of Life of University Students: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
O09   An evaluation of substance usage by students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI St. Augustine during the COVID-19 pandemic
O10   A review of the health risk behaviours of adolescents in the English-speaking Caribbean: 2006-2020
O11  The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on risk factors for non-communicable diseases of staff at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus



Clinical Studies - Dental & Pharmacy

O12   The impact of COVID-19 related restrictions on orthodontic patients in Trinidad and Tobago
O13  CBCT analysis of root canal morphology of the mesial roots of maxillary and mandibular first and second permanent molars in the Trinidadian population
O14   A systematic review on the aetiology of non-carious cervical lesions
O15   A systematic review of case studies on the primary therapeutic interventions used in COVID-19 patients who were reinfected
O16   A study on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of community pharmacists to antibiotic resistance in Trinidad
O17  The prevalence of the use of prescription medication versus alternative methods to effectively treat sinusitis symptoms in Trinidad and Tobago
O18   Natural Bioactive Polypeptides: Clinical Applications in The Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago



 Non-Communicable Diseases (2)

O19   Effects of PCOS on the quality of life of women ages 18-45: a systematic review
O20   A study on the health-related quality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic on undergraduate students at the UWI, St. Augustine
O21   A Descriptive retrospective study of PSA and IPSS scores from participants of a men's health initiative
O22   The epidemiology of end stage renal disease in patients with renal disease in Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex
O23  Conducting an investigation into the ethnic distribution of diabetes and awareness of diabetic retinopathy among members of the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT) for the period 2020 – 2021 and determine how COVID-19 impacted their treatment
O24   Prevalence of risk factors and lifestyle choices associated with increased cancer in participants in Trinidad and Tobago

O25   Epidemiology, risk factors and histopathologic characteristics of the common cancers in Trinidad



Online Learning, COVID-19 & Health

O26   A Comparison Between Online and Traditional Methods of Curriculum Delivery in COVID-19 Era to Dental and Medical Students of Medical Sciences, St Augustine Campus, UWI
O27  A web-based cross-sectional survey on computer-related visual and ocular symptoms and perceived stress, amid the COVID-19 transitional online learning among students in the Faculty of Medical Sciences: A Caribbean perspective
O28   The impact of online schooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic on parents and guardians of primary school students
O29  An investigation into the mental, social and physical impacts of online learning on the students at the University of the West indies St Augustine
O30  Impact of COVID-19 on medical students' clinical training, their learning behaviours, perceived stress, and performance as future medical professionals
O31  A study to investigate Self-perceived stress among medical students in relation to their perceptions on virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

O32  Investigating the impact of face-to-face vs online learning on the eating habits of non-clinical students registered at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, St. Augustine



COVID-19 Knowledge Attitudes and Practice

O33   An Investigative Study on the Perception and Acceptability of a COVID-19 Vaccine of the Public in Trinidad and Tobago
O34   An investigation of COVID-19 and dentist's perception, attitude, and awareness
O35  An Investigation of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Specific COVID-19 Public Health Regulations and Precautions Among UWI STA Students
O36  The knowledge, attitudes, and practices of mask use for COVID-19 among Students of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago
O37  Assessing the knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards the flu (influenza) vaccine and the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine amongst University Staff and Students in The Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago during the COVID-19 pandemic