PubMed Videos



How PubMed Works: 


Advanced Searching:

A tutorial describing how to use the Advanced Search Builder to help refine your PubMed searches.


MESH Database:   

This tutorial shows how to build a targeted PubMed search starting in the MeSH database. It includes very brief background on MeSH terms and indexing.


How PubMed Works:  


Searching for the P of PICO: 



NLM's PubMed is the most heavily used biomedical literature citation database in the world.   

Web of Knowledge - ISI Videos



 Basic Search Tips: 

Quick tips to help you get started searching the Web of Science database.


Using Web of Science:

How to use Web of Science and library databases to find research articles



EBSCOHOST Database Video



 Introduction to EBSCOhost - Tutorial:

 This tutorial provides an overview of the features of the EBSCOhost interface



 EndNote-Web of Science Group Video



How to use EndNote: 

This video offers a swift overview of the most popular features in EndNote for Windows.



 Predatory Publishers


 What Are Predatory Publishers?


 What is HIJACKED JOURNAL? What does HIJACKED JOURNAL mean? HIJACKED JOURNAL meaning & explanation


 How to Publish Medical Journal Articles: A Basic Guide (Case Reports, PubMed, Impact Factor, etc.)


 8 ways to identify a questionable open access journal


 Identifying Predatory Publishers


 ADVANCED VIDEOS:  Selecting a journal for a publication


 How to Determine if a Journal is a Predatory Publisher


 SEAside Webinar: Navigating the Publishing Landscape 9-17-19


 Predatory Journals & Predatory Conferences: Research & Clinicians Beware - Jan. 8, 2020


Open Access publishing: how to sort the predatory from the legitimate


 Searching CINAHL (Academic) Video



Searching CINAHL (Academic) 

This video will describe the scope of content and demonstrates how to use the search tools available on the EBSCOhost search interface to find research.