The Library endeavors to maintain an atmosphere that is conductive to learning and research. For this reason users are expected to conform to certain standards of conduct to maintain the use and enjoyment of the Library by others.

The following conduct is to be observed within the Library:

  • The University requires that students display ID cards at all times. All library users must comply with this tule.
  • Quiet shall be observed at all times
  • The following are not permitted in the Library:
    • Disruptive behaviour
    • Children
    • Umbrellas
    • Bags
    • Food and drink
    • Use of cellular phones
    • Offensive or obscene language or actions
    • Solicitation or selling of any kind
    • Theft, mutilation or defacement of library property
    • Removal of any library property without the authorization of library staff or through the library's lending procedures
    • Entering a non-public area without permission of the library staff
  • The Library is a smoke-free area and smoking is strictly forbidden
  • Copyright regulations must be adhered to
  • Books, periodicals, etc. taken from shelves and used in the Library should be left on the tables after use and NOT replaced on the shelves
  • Users leaving the Library must show all books, folders, periodicals, papers, etc. to the security staff. Users may also be required to open for inspection any receptacle carried out of the Library
  • Any other behaviour that interferes with the right to others to enjoy and use the Library is not permitted

All members of the Library and security staff are empowered to require users to comply with these rules.

The Librarian shall at all times have authority to maintain good order in the Library and may exclude from it or suspend from its use any user who breaks these rules.

Persons who infringe on library rules may have their loan and computer privileges suspended upon the discretion of the Librarian.