DSC01200CirculationLoans are allocated to registered library users as indicated below:

School of Education Academic Staff 15 items
UWI Academic Staff 15 items
UWI Administrative, Technical & Support Staff   8 items
UWI Postgraduates 12 items
UWI Undergraduates   9 items
Open Campus   8 items
External Users Reading/Reference

General Collection Items

General Collection items are loaned for two (2) weeks to UWI students and one (1) month to Academic staff. Any item may be renewed for one (1) week providing that there are no requests for that particular item. In addition, an item can only be renewed once.

Reserve Items

Reserve items are normally loaned for three (3) hours in the case of single copies, and in cases where there are multiple copies, three (3) days. Reserve items will not be renewed.

West Indian Collection

Items housed in the West Indian Collection cannot leave the library. However, specially selected items will be loaned for three (3) days.


School of Education’s Academic staff are allowed to borrow periodical items for one (1) week. All other patrons are only allowed reading and reference of periodical items.

Overdue Items

The fines for late return of books from the General Collection is one dollar ($1.00) for each day the item is overdue. The fine for late return of materials from the reserve Collection is one dollar ($1.00) per hour during the library’s business hours. The fines levied above shall not exceed five hundred ($500.00) per item.

Users with fines of $1.00 or more are automatically blocked from borrowing.

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