Access & Privileges


The following categories of users will be permitted to borrow:

  • Registered School of Education Students
  • School of Education Staff
  • Registered University Students
  • University Staff
  • Open Campus Students

 The following categories of users will be registered as eligible to use the library facilities for reading and reference:

  • UWI Alumni
  • Participants In Short Courses
  • External Users
  • Other persons requesting the use of the library for reading and reference purposes may be admitted according to their specific needs, and at the discretion of the librarian and/or external user policy.

All UWI undergraduate and postgraduate students must present a valid UWI identification card.

External users are required to pay a non-refundable fee of fifty dollars ($50.00 TTD) and will be allowed to use the library for a period of two weeks. Non-UWI tertiary and secondary students must present a letter from their institution stating that they are bona fide students. 

School of Education Academic Staff 15 items
UWI Academic Staff 15 items
UWI Administrative, Technical & Support Staff   8 items
UWI Postgraduates 12 items
UWI Undergraduates   9 items
Open Campus   8 items
External Users Reading/Reference