Computing Services


The Library has twenty-one (21) computers available for students’ academic use. Thirteen (13) of these are located in the Postgrad Room. These computers provide access to the Internet and to specialized electronic resources via UWIlinC. They are equipped with the Microsoft Office suite and EndNote. SPSS is available on computers in the Postgrad Room. Use of the computer is limited to 45 minutes when student are waiting. Access to the Campus wireless network is also available from the Library.


Three (3) print/copy self-service machines are available in the library. A Smart ID or PaperCut copy card is required for use. These cards are on sale at the Circulation Desk.

Library users wishing to print from email or portable memory can do so from the Library's computers. External library users are required to purchase a Paper Cut card and units to be able to print/copy.  The Paper Cut cards /units are paid for and activated at the circulation desk.

The cost of printing/copying is $0.25(TTD) per page for black and white and $4.00(TTD) per page for color. Students’ accounts will be set up on their Smart ID cards. Funds can be added to accounts as needed. Note however, unused funds cannot be refunded.

Connect From off Campus