Registration is automatic once registered with the University as full-time staff or student.

The following categories of users will be permitted to borrow from the Library:

  • Registered UWI Students
  • UWI Faculty (full and part time)
  • UWI Staff
  • Open Campus Students

The following categories of users may be registered as eligible to use the library facilities for reading and reference:

  • UWI Alumni
  • Participants in Short Courses
  • Other persons requesting use of the Library for reading and reference purposes may be admitted according to their specific needs, and at the discretion of the Librarian.

All UWI students must present a valid UWI identification card to use the library.

UWI Alumni must present a valid Omega Alumni Membership card (Annual, Associate, and Honorary).

External users are required to pay a non-refundable fee of fifty ($50) dollars and will be allowed to use the library for a period of two weeks. Students of non-UWI tertiary institutions and secondary school students must present a letter from their institution stating they are bona fide students. A limited number of students will be allowed to use the library at any given time.

Additional information