Tervor A. Jackson
Kingston, Jamaica
University of the West Indies Press
Caribbean geology :Into the Third Millennium : Transactions of the Fifteenth Caribbean Geological Conference
279 pages
Environmental Studies
Geology - Caribbean Area.
1. The Evolution of the Caribbean Plate and its Relation to Global Plate Motion Vectors10
2. Tectono-Magmatic Significanceof the Peri-Caribbean Ophiolitic Units and Geodynamic Implications24
3. Remains of Oceanic Lithosphere in Cuba44
4. Latest Eocene to Middle Miocene Tectonic Evolution of the Caribbean56
5. The Evolution of the Cocos-Nazca Spreading Centreand Overprinting Hotspot Traces72
6. Tertiary Tectonics of the Hispaniola Fault Zone in the Northwestern Piedmont of the Cordillera Central,Dominican Republic82
7. Structural Geology of the Tompire Bay Outcrops, Eastern Northern Range, Trinidad96
8. Retrograded Eclogite in the Cuaba Amphibolite of the Rio San Juan Complex, Northern Hispaniola106
9. The Paleogene Volcanic Rocks of Cuba and Jamaica116
10. Lower Cretaceous Plants from the Dominican Republic128
11. The Fauna of Jamaican Cretaceous Coral Reefs140
12. Fossil Brachiopoda of the Caribbean Region148
13. Planktonic and Benthic Foraminifera from the Moore Town Shales (Paleocene) at the Fellowship Bridge Section, Portland, Jamaica158
14. Late Cenozoic Trace Fossils from Southeast Coastal Jamaica164
15. Pleistocene Echinoids from Fore Reef Palaeoenvironments in Barbados and Eastern Jamaica176
16. Pleistocene Brachiopods from Carbonate Cover Sequences the Caribbean Region182
17. Great Blue Hole of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize, Central America190
18. Oxygen Isotope and Alteration Geochemistry of the Cerro de Maimon Massive Sulfide Deposit, Dominican Republic204
19. Mineralogy of the Sand-Sized Sediments in the Rio Minho Drainage Basin, Jamaica218
20. The Devil's Woodyard Mud Volcano of Trinidad230
21. Soil Liquefaction During the Caracas 1967 and the Boca de Tocuyo 1989 Earthquakes, Venezuela238
22. Rain-Induced Slope Failures and Damage Assessment in Portland, Jamaica, Related to the Flood Eventof 3-4 January 1998244
23. An Improved Statistical Volcano Eruption Forecasting Programme, "Eruption" Pro 9.6266
24. Fieldwork278