Kingston, Jamaica
Press University of the West Indies
From oral to literate culture :colonial experience in the English West Indies
301 pages
Caribbean Cultural Studies
English language - West Indies, British.
Written communication - West Indies, British.
Language and culture - West Indies, British.
Oral communication - West Indies, British.
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1 An Introduction to the Language of West Indians14
2 Nonlinguistic Methods of Communication and Transmission of Information in the Plantation Slave Society29
3 Aspects of Oral Culture in the Slave Population47
4 Political and Social Influences on the Development of Vernacular English82
5 Literate Communication in the Plantation Slave Society123
6 The Rise of Printing and Publishing in the West Indies and its Effects145
7 Intellectual and Literary Activity and its Effect on Literate English173
8 The Rise of Schools and their Effect on English205
9 English Language and Literacy in the Early Schools249
10 The Legacy of Colonial Literacy in the West Indies281