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The administration and conduct of corporate meetings :with appendixes, precedents and shareholders' questions
470 pages
Legal Studies
Corporate meetings - Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Corporate meetings - Law and legislation - Caribbean Area.
Corporate meetings - Law and legislation - Canada.
Corporation law - Caribbean Area.
Corporation law - Canada.
CHAPTER 1 You and your company18
CHAPTER 2 Discussion23
CHAPTER 3 The concept and theory of corporate resolve27
CHAPTER 4 The legal framework applicable to company meetings33
CHAPTER 5 The types and purpose of company meetings45
CHAPTER 6 Persons entitled to attend company meetings51
CHAPTER 7 Planning the company meeting57
CHAPTER 8 Convening the meeting64
CHAPTER 9 Commencing and conducting the meeting76
CHAPTER 10 The basic rules of order83
CHAPTER 11 Transacting the business of the meeting89
CHAPTER 12 The rules and methods of voting113
CHAPTER 13 Postal voting135
CHAPTER 14 Coping with disorder139
CHAPTER 15 Adjourning the meeting143
CHAPTER 16 Minutes of the meeting149
CHAPTER 17 Shareholders' duties, rights and entitlement153
CHAPTER 18 Meetings of the board160
CHAPTER 19 Directors and officers173
CHAPTER 20 That worthy servant called 'the Secretary'181
APPENDIX 1 Table of comparative references187
APPENDIX 2 Precedents206
APPENDIX III Compendium of legal cases301
APPENDIX IV Typical shareholders' questions427
APPENDIX V Selection of questions for students448