Eudine Barriteau
Kingston, Jamaica
University of the West Indies Press :
Love and power :Caribbean discourses on gender
516 pages
Gender Studies
Sex role - Caribbean Area.
Feminism - Caribbean Area.
Women - Social conditions. - Caribbean Area
1. Disruptions and Dangers16
2. Feminist Social Epistemologies and Caribbean Scholarship54
3. The Divine and the Demonic67
4. Coming Home to the Erotic Power of Love and Desire in Caribbean Heterosexual Unions85
5. What Does It “Really” Mean to Be a Wo/Man?119
6. Regional Integration and Caribbean Civilization164
7. Engendering Security196
8. “These Issues Are Gender Neutral”220
9. Finance Rhetoric and Gender Tropes into the Twenty-first Century250
10. Economics, Entrepreneurship and Gender271
11. Fostering Freedom299
12. Who Is Your Mama?336
13. Activism in Academia367
14. Passionate Realities394
15. Locating Gender in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Caribbean416
16. Contemporary Gender Relations among Afro-Costa Ricans431
17. Constructing Brotherhood466
18. The Harder They Fall501