The Alma Jordan Library seeks to provide a meaningful library experience to all of our patrons and visitors. If you have any kudos, concerns, or suggestions, please share with us. We shall use your feedback to improve our service.

Providing feedback is possible:

  • In person at the Help Desk in the Lobby or speak to any member of staff
  • Online by completing our Feedback Form
  • Submit a suggestion form on any floor in the Library
  • Send e-mail to
  • Call +1-868-662-2002 ext 82132/82261
  • Via Facebook

Academic staff can also provide feedback via their Faculty Liaison Librarian or Head, User Services.

You can read feedback that have been provided by other patrons and the Library's responses.

How we respond to your feedback

The Library will acknowledge feedback within three days.

By submitting feedback on the Library, you agree to sharing both your feedback and the Library's response on feedback page, if applicable to a wider audience. Names of individuals will not be included, but information such as level (Undergrad/Postgrad/Academic/ATS staff, etc.) may be shared if relevant.

Submit new feedback to the library
Read the feedback provided by other patrons and the response from the library